Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day Sixty-Four: 12/07/10 - Fifty-Two: 11/25/10

So incase you haven't realized it, I got behind. I was sick and got caught up in school and work. This shall be a combined blog to catch it all up.

If you have known me since I was little then you will know that I always loved to go to the Post Office. My grandfather always took me. So all the clerks knew who I was. I had to go mail a textbook I was selling. So I thought a sentimental picture would be good. Then I went with family to decorate grandparents house for Christmas. Good day.

I was sick today and made drugged hand puppets. Yep. lol. Also, some people suck. But thats ok. ;)

62:12/05/10 (2 MONTHS!!!)
I was sick and had to work. This is my " Welcome to RL, I DON'T CARE" face. :)

It looked like it was going to snow...it didn't.


This picture makes me extremely happy. Do you see why?? lol. Plus it was a guitar playing night. I love those. :)
I also went to church with Jonathan tonight for another great service and was at Rockbridge all day for the 24 hour service. Thanks God for that! :)

Those are my failed Mountain Dew cupcakes. I was trying to make those for my awesome friend TJ and they sounded awesome, But apparently something reacted wrong and the were TERRIBLE. It made me and TJ (and Kyle who wanted some) all very sad. lol :(
This was also another 1st Wednesday at church and then the start of the 24 hour worship!! It was simply amazing! God is soo good! I also had a blast with Kyle like always lol :)

Red Bull and Slim Jim...lunch of college kids... haha jk. I actually already had Waffle House with Jonathan. :)  But I was hanging out with my bestie and love Heather. Then we went to math lab and wound up gossiping. haha. But it was all good. I love my life and all the wonderful people in it!! :)

Epically awesome hand dryer lol

Mommy bought me UP (instead of giving me gas money. haha) I love this movie! :)

And so it begins.. haha

Highlight of day: Lobster fights at work.. lol

Happy Turkey Day!! :)

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