Monday, December 20, 2010

Day Seventy-Seven - Day Sixty-Five: 12/20/10 - 12/08/10

Day 77: 12/20/10
Went and saw TRON Legacy in IMAX last night. It was completely epic. I totally had a tech geek moment the whole movie. haha. Had a great time with Hayley and Terryn.

Day 76: 12/19/10
Catzilla terrorizes the village!! D:
hahaha. This is mom'es Christmas village, and that would be our cat Simba laying in the middle. Yeah. This amuses me alot...But mom doesnt seem too happy with it all. :P

Day 75: 12/18/10
This would be Ashley, and her giant stocking puppet. Yeah. lol. 

Day 74: 12/17/10
This made me really happy. I love when bananas have great stickers. They made me smile. :)

Day 73: 12/16/10
I was a total creeper today. I got this fake mustache in Food Lion and yes of course I had to wear it around the whole store. The funny part was people's faces when they saw me. Most couldn't keep a straight face. When I got home I then added the hat and glasses. I love being random and ADD and not caring what people think! :)

Day 72: 12/15/10
I had lunch with my bestie and twin Ally today!! It was really good to catch up! :)
Then it got all super icy so I didnt go to work and stayed in lol

Day 71: 12/14/10

Day 70: 12/13/10
Today was a rather good day. I went to the movies with Jonathan and had a great time. :) Went and saw the Tourist.  Good movie, not quite what I expected tho. Also I am PUMPED for Pirates 4!! :D

Day 69: 12/12/10
The beginning of the snow! Too bad it didnt last :/

Day 68: 12/11/10
Worked tonight and got food after. My frostie had a heart in it. That made my smile lol

Day 67: 12/10/10
Because everyone needs a TV thats almost wider than I am tall... Went to Chatt with Mom and Danielle today. Rather fun adventure :)

Day 66: 12/09/10
Saw this driving home. That is a sure fire way to get people to stay at your motel... HOT BELGIAN WAFFLES!! :D

Day 65: 12/08/10
LAST DAY OF FINALS!! I completed one whole semester of college!! WOOO!! Went to ChickFila with Kyle and Daniel. I was upset that I was too tall to play in the kids place. Yet I'm not that much taller. That was very upsetting. lol I'm short :/

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