Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day Thirty-One: 11/4/10

I was sick today. So I stayed in the bed. I sorta feel like a ninja in the pic haha. ;) But stressful day. I have so much college stuff. I'm really ready for a break. I'm not even taking that many hours. ugh :/  but yeah. dog is at the vet because he got attacked then mom got in a wreck today. so mom went to hospital to make sure she was ok. She is but she is sick with pnemonia. So yeah the song "It Happens" by Sugarland is very relevant in my family's lives lol. Gonna play guitar and try to write some songs. I absoultely love Ally Rhodes!! She is AMAZING and such an inspiration! Link ---->  Check her out! <3  Also I found another really amazing site today that I simply love! It totally sparked my intrest. SoulPancake  -------> It's rather cool. Ask or answer any of life's questions. So enjoy both of these. Have a great night! (I'm supppper excited because tomorrow will be a month that I've done this project! That's awesome so I need a super awesome pic!) Goodnight loves. :)

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