Friday, October 29, 2010

Day Twenty-Five: 10/29/10

I have found one of the few spots on the Earth of pure happiness. This picture can't even really capture half the glory of actually being there. This overlook is one of my favorite places. I realized today that I want to live in a house with an overlook like this, that way when I walk on my back porch each morning I can be like  "Thanks God." :)  This to me just screams of how amazing God is. I mean how can you look at this, be there, and see for miles, and not just be like "Oh my God, You are amazing!!" So today was a wonderful day and I got to spend part of it with Richard. I'm really glad we're still very close friends. We had a blast. All in all, I absolutely love my life. Thank you God for everything. Goodnight all. :)

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