Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day Sixteen: 10/20/10

So if you actually follow this daily then you'll realize that I'm just now writing this. And honestly maybe it's better that way. I got a week behind on all this and now an catching up. Long story short my relationship ended this night. It was one of the worst feelings I've ever felt. To be so in love with someone and think that they dearly love you back as much as you love them, only to later realize they weren't completely happy. It sucked really bad. But you can't blame someone for not being happy. Every person is entitled to that. I've had a week (seems like so much longer lol) to think over this and mature about it. And honestly I'm still confused about this along with alot of other things in my life. But maybe this was for the best. He is still very close to my heart and always will be. We are still very good friends and I like it that way. We didn't lose each other. Yes I went through heartbreak but atleast it ended when it did and not with a fight where we would have lost each other. I still very much love him and I always will. I want the best for him and for him to be happy no matter what he's doing, and even if that doesn't mean I'm part of it. So I don't have a picture for today. I honestly don't remember alot of the past week (good thing I'm taking pictures haha) But I just know I felt blank and numb and lost and sad. I guess this blank black pisture kinda sums that up in a way. So whatever happens, it's for the best. But I'll always be your friend and I'll always love you dear. Goodnight. 

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